Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Fruits

Bush Tucker Plant Food - Fruits

NEW: Australian Bush Food Plant Quiz (Bush Tucker and Edible Weeds).

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This page shows some bush tucker plant foods that can be found in the Sydney and Blue Mountains regions. Most of them can be found in other parts of Australia, and a some are found in other parts of the world also.

Warning - Edible Weeds WARNING: Never eat plants that are growing in an area where they may have been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides (weed killers), or where the water supply to the area could be polluted, such as from urban or industrial run-off. Never eat any part of any wild growing plant unless you are certain you can identify it. Being certain means you have developed a maturity of skill in identifying plants. It does not mean you are pretty sure it looks just like "that plant you saw once on some website".

Click on the pictures to show more information about each of the different food species.


Parasitic shrub

Amyema pendulum - Mistletoe

Billardiera scandens
Apple Berry

Twining vine

Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Billardiera scandens - Apple Berry

Breynia oblongifolia
Coffee Bush

Berries turn red when ripe

Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Breynia oblongifolia - Coffee Bush


Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Carpobrotus - Pigface

Devil's Twine, Dodder Laurel

Twining climber

Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Cassytha - Devil's Twine

Native Grapes


Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Cissus - Native Grapes

Eustrephus latifolius
Wombat Berry

Twining climber

Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Eustrephus latifolius - Wombat Berry

Native Cherry


Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Exocarpus - Native Cherry

Ficus coronata
Sandpaper Fig

Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Ficus coronata - Sandpaper Fig

Morinda jasminoides
Sweet Morinda, Native Jasmine


Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Morinda jasminoides - Sweet Morinda

Parsonsia straminea
Common Silkpod

Twining climber

Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Parsonsia straminea - Common Silkpod



Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Passiflora - Passionfruit

Persoonia linearis
Narrow-leaved Geebung

Shrub or small tree

Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Persoonia linearis - Narrow-leaved Geebung

Native Sarsaparilla


Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Smilax - Native Sarsaparilla

Syzygium smithii (Acmena smithii)
Common Lilly Pilly

Shrub or tree to 20 metres high


Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Syzygium smithii - Acmena smithii - Common Lilly Pilly

Water Ribbons


Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Triglochin - Water Ribbons

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Bush Tucker Plant Foods - Fruits

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