Eustrephus latifolius - Wombat Berry

Eustrephus latifolius

Wombat Berry

Other names: Orange vine
Family: Luzuriagaeceae/Philesiaceae
Habitat: Tall open forest, rainforest, open forest
Uses: Edible fruits, tubers
References: Low

A wiry vine which trails over low branches or across the ground. A common vine of open forests, extending into dry woodlands and rainforest. It can be mistaken for the very similar Geitonoplesium cymosum (Scrambling lily), which has shiny black inedible berries.

Eustrephus latifolius - Wombat Berry
Photo: Mitchell Park, Cattai NSW

Eustrephus latifolius - Wombat Berry
Photo: Mitchell Park, Cattai NSW

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Eustrephus latifolius - Wombat Berry

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