Survival Courses near Sydney and the Blue Mountains NSW - Bush Survival, Wilderness Survival

Survival Courses Near Sydney and the Blue Mountains

Bush and Wilderness Survival Training in NSW

This page shows some bush/wilderness survival courses in the Sydney and Blue Mountains area of NSW.

ReNourish ReWild

Come and equip yourself with an experience of the bush like no other.  Discover the true meaning of what it is to "rewild" and never look at nature the same way again.

ReNourish ReWild
Photo: Ei from ReNourish ReWild

Ei's Story

My journey towards nature has taken me to many wonderful and often unexpected places.  From the city to the bush, the mountains to the ocean.

In 2008 I began my rewilding path in earnest whilst living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  I began spending my spare time harvesting weaving materials from the front of shopping centres, learning the edible parts of ornamental garden plants and tanning hides in the backyard

During this time I also began a digestive health healing journey that introduced me to the work of Dr Weston A. Price and his findings on the value of traditional nutrition.

In 2014, after experiencing a great deal of digestive improvement and having learnt what I could about plants uses and permaculture from my job as Produce Manager at a retail plant nursery,  I said goodbye to the city and dedicated my life to learning and teaching these rewilding and renourishing skills.

ReNourish ReWild is the culmination of my life's work to guide others towards a real connection towards nature, healing through nourishing food and deep personal transformation in the process.

ReWilding Workshops

  • Introduction to ReWilding and Primitive Skills (2 hour demonstration)
  • ReWilding in the Suburbs (1 day workshop)
  • Bushwise Women (weekend 2 day workshop)

Traditional Tanning Workshops

  • Buckskin Tanning with Brains (3 day)
  • Fish Leather Tanning (1 day)
  • Rabbit Pelt Tanning (1 day)

Friction Fire Workshops

  • Hand Drill Fire by Friction Technique (min 1/2 day)
  • Bow Drill Fire by Friction Technique (min 1/2 day)

Fibre Workshops

  • Making string from foraged plant material (min 1 hour)

Foraging Tours

  • Foraging Fundamentals Walk (1/2 or 1 day workshop)
  • Intermediate Foraging: Bushfood, Weeds and Ornamental plants (Melbourne) (1/2 or 1 day workshop)
  • Advanced Foraging: Plants for food, fibre and fire (Melbourne) (1 day workshop)

Vision Quest

Vision Quest is an ancient practice known for it's power and effectiveness for thousands of years. Questers are supported to feel fully ready and able to complete a Vision Quest with Protectors trained and dedicated to deliver this sacred rite of passage.

Traditional Cooking Demonstrations

  • GAPS Diet on a budget and on the road
  • Lacto-fermented Vegetables
  • Probiotic Pantry: Sauerkraut, bean paste and tomato ketchup

See the ReNourish ReWild website for more

Australian Survival Instructors (A.S.I)

Australian Survival Instructors (A.S.I) run outdoor bush/wilderness survival courses and primitive survival skills courses, in assocition with the Australian School of Mountaineering (ASM), in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Brian Newton, Kevin Newton, and Jim Blackwell - Survival Courses near Sydney and the Blue Mountains NSW - Bush Survival, Wilderness Survival
Brian Newton, Kevin Newton, and Jim Blackwell from Australian Survival Instructors

Jim Blackwell

Jim Blackwell is a highly experienced outdoor survival instructor, firefighter, emergency services specialist and author. Jim spent 6 weeks living off the land in the Australian bush at the height of an intense Australian summer just to experience the reality of “surviving”. Not many “outdoor experts” have done this. Jim Blackwell is an expert in navigation, map reading, survival preparedness, Jim will give all participents on the A.S.I four-day comprehensive survival course, and 1 day course, specialised instruction that can be found nowhere else apart from professional emergency organisations.

Kevin Newton

Kevin Newton is a highly experienced outdoor survival instructor, hunter, bushcraftsman, photographer and videographer. Over 30 years of outdoor experience including game tracking, snares and trapping, primitive skills and outdoor survival will be shared with you when you attend an A.S.I intensive course and 1 day course. Kevin will show you not only how to trap and hunt game but will also show you how to prepare your kill for long-term meat preservation. Fire lighting under all circumstances and using primitive as well as modern methods are a speciality of A.S.I’s formost primitive skills expert.

Brian Newton

Brian Newton is highly experienced outdoor survival instructor, bowhunter and bushcraftsman who lives off grid and practises a self-sufficient lifestyle by choice. Brian has many years experience in Team instruction in countries such as Oman, Eastern Europe, Northern Ireland. Brian will share with you his knowledge of the local, seasonal edible flora and fauna as well as important weather patterns, on his property where the A.S.I four day comprehensive courses are held. Added to this Brian will instruct in activities such as Bowhunting and outdoor equipment and gear appraisals. If asked, his knowledge of the self-sufficient/outdoor/hunting lifestyle will be freely shared being a definite passion for him.

ASI Survival Course Content

Think Like a Survivor – Survival awareness – Maintaining a positive mental attitude……. & more

Gear and Clothing – Dressing for survival – survival kits – signalling equipment – survival knives …. & more

Survival first aid – Bush remedies – Improvise treatments – Hypothermia …… & more

Protection and Shelter – Shelter construction – Types of shelters – Shelter location and materials

Fire lighting – improvised fire lighting methods – Flint and Steel – Fire drill and bow – Fire piston – magnesium and fire steels

Signalling – emergency signalling – marker panels – International signal codes – signal fires …. & more

Rope skills – Rope systems for self rescue – Fixed lines for water crossing – ascending and descending using improvised methods – Improvised hauling systems ….. & more

Food procurement –  tracking game – snares and traps – wild game butchering – survival fishing and preparation …. and more

Water procurement – solar stills – transpiration – dew collection – wells – natural water sources – improvised water storage – water sterilising – filters

ASI - Survival Courses near Sydney and the Blue Mountains NSW - Bush Survival, Wilderness Survival

Contact Australian Survival Instructors

For more information or to book for one of their courses, Australian Survival Instructors can be contacted at their website

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Survival Courses near Sydney and the Blue Mountains NSW - Bush Survival, Wilderness Survival


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