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Free Online Video Bible Course

Update 2017: I haven't looked at this page in a long time and I don't think the links are still working anymore. Or at least not free anymore. You can try here for other courses. (Links to internet search recults).

This course also looks good (but not video based), from Morling College, and is free to do the course with an optional fee if you want to be formally graded with a certificate of completion. The Lens.

There were quite a few others in the searh above which looked good, some with video. The rest of this page below is the old version.

This is a free video course about the Bible called "The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus". If you click on the Channel button you can select where you are up to. If you click on the full screen button (on the bottom right of the window, with two arrows pointing outwards) at you can watch it in full screen mode. Sometimes the video is a bit jerky on my internet connection, but the sound keeps going continuously most of the time. I'm still going through it, I'm up to Chapter 4 out of 15 at the moment. So far it seems quite good for what it is, a traditional Christian explanation of the Holy Bible.

You don't need to register to watch any of the video. There is also a workbook available free as a PDF download from the makers of the video, but you do need to register (I think this is also free) to download chapters 4-15 of the PDF. Similarly there is a PDF of the course itself.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus - VideoBook

It's been called "the greatest story ever told." Now the central message of the Bible is brought to life in this eleven-hour online Bible study. This self-paced course has been adapted from the popular award winning DVD series - The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

Your teacher will take these individual elements and chronologically tie them together into one universal drama. Whether you have significant Bible knowledge, or have never read "the Book"—this online series is for you.

Own this VideoBook Course on DVD Everything you need to study the Bible, all in one package. Share with family and friends and enjoy watching in the comfort of your home.

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The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus - Free Video Bible Course


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