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Growing Fruit Trees

Using our current modern systems of industrial agriculture, the food production system is not sustainable. That means, by definition, that it cannot be sustained. Which is another way of saying that it is going to end.

Permaculture is in part an attempt to create a renewable system of food production that relies upon minimal amounts of energy. Industrial agriculture requires large amounts of fossil fuels, both to run the equipment, and to supply pesticides and fertilisers. Permaculture, on the other hand, focuses on maximizing the use of trees and perennial food crops — because they make a more efficient and long term use of energy than traditional seasonal crops. A farmer does not have to exert energy every year replanting them, and this frees up that energy to be used somewhere else.

Growing fruit trees is therefore an integral part of permaculture, and of any long-term plan to feed and support human populations. Fruit and nut trees and other perennial plants are used to plant a forest garden, or "food forest".

The Growing Fruit Trees section of this website contains the following pages:

Beginning With Fruit Trees

Picking the Ideal Spot for your Fruit Tree
What to Look for when Buying a Tree
Planting and Caring for a New Tree
Maintaining a Healthy Young Tree

Caring For Fruit Trees

Caring Properly for your Fruit Tree
Preventing Diseases in Fruit Trees
Dealing with Barren Trees
Dealing with Bird Problems
Protecting Trees with Bird Netting
Grow Larger Fruit — How to Prevent Small Fruits
Pruning Your Trees

Types of Fruit Trees

Different Types of Apple Trees
The Many Types of Cherry Trees
Types of Orange Trees — Picking the Right Orange Tree

More About Fruit Trees

Removing Old Trees
Finding Drought Resistant Trees
Growing Trees for Shade
Starting an Orchard
Selling at Farmer's Markets

See Also

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Starting Your Own Box Garden
Starting a Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Gardening Books
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Growing Fruit Trees - Permaculture Vegetable Garden, Vegie Garden

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