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This page is taken from the chapter "Jesus" of the book "The Quest" by Tom Brown, Jr.

After living with Grandfather and his teaching for a few years I thought I had an idea of most of the things he knew of. That was until he began to talk about Jesus.

Granted, Grandfather was a man who had wandered for nearly sixty-three years of his life and had been many places and learned many things. But when he began to quote passages of the Bible, I was so shocked that I couldn't speak, so I just listened.

I thought I knew quite a bit about the Bible, for I went to Church most Sundays with my parents. A good part of my upbringing revolved around Bible teachings, at least at home. Hearing the Bible and the life of Christ interpreted by Grandfather in such a simple, pure, and profound way made sense for the first time. Though he talked of Christ many times, the first time was the most complete and powerful, and I will never forget even the smallest detail.

The event changed my life and the perceptions I had about the Bible and Jesus.....

The Bible and Jesus Christ - Grandfather Stalking Wolf - Tom Brown Jr
Painting: Greg Olson. Jesus, reading from the prophet Isaiah in Luke 4:15-21

Grandfather sat for a long time gazing at the cross, then he finally spoke the words that still resound in my mind and life:

He said, "I am in awe of this man called Jesus. He was a man of purity, of wilderness, a prophet and a teacher, a man who walked close to the spirit. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and fed the masses. His life was so full of truth, and he lived that truth. His life is the example of what we all should strive to become. This Jesus was so full of love for his people that he gave up his life for them. Yet death had no power over him, and he was taken home to the Creator. The evil ones could kill his flesh but not his spirit. Thus this man has inspired more nations and healed more people than I could ever dream of."

"Yet what we do to his name and teachings today has distorted that truth."

"Jesus was such a simple man. He had no real home, for like the place of his birth, he preferred the wild places. His temples were the gardens, the mountains, the shore of the sea, and the wilderness. To him, whenever two or three were gathered with him, then that was his church, his temple. His clothing was simple, he carried no supplies, and he let the Creator and Nature take care of his every need."

"His teachings were simple, yet they were profound truth. To him there were no customs, traditions, or ceremonies to imprison him. Nor did he pass down in his teachings much in the way of ceremony. Instead, what he taught and worshipped was simple purity."

"Why today have his teachings become so complicated? Why are there so many ceremonies and customs surrounding his name, when all he taught was simplicity?"

"The distortion of truth lies in man's quest to complicate all that is simple and pure. Doctrine and ceremony are argued, churches and temples are separated, and man strives to complicate more. What should be, is a striving to bring back the simple truths, unadulterated by man's ceremonious crutches."

"What man seems to have done is to pick the Bible apart to make each part fit his own personal needs and religion. By taking the Bible apart, man has removed each part from the context of the whole and has lost the true meaning of things. I have even heard that modern man has argued the translation of the Bible and has argued over the meaning of one single word. What is really important is the overall meaning and the basic truth. Man must stand back from the Bible and read it as a whole....."

I finally rallied enough courage to ask Grandfather a question, still stunned by what he had said. "What, then, are the simple teachings of the Bible and Jesus?", I asked.

This page is continued here: Jesus (Part 2)

Source: Tom Brown Jr., "The Quest"

Jesus (Part 2)

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The Bible and Jesus Christ - Grandfather Stalking Wolf - Tom Brown Jr


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