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This section of the website contains quotes that inspire me. It includes examples I have come across that describe people living in traditional, pre-civilised, ancient, self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyles as being extremely happy, contented people.

First example: What It Is To Be Human.

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There are not many people left that I know who live a life based purely on following a Sacred path. Most of them are monks of some kind. They have taken various vows of poverty, celibacy, and religious discipline, but precious few of them are simply common people living the way of their ancestors. I remember hearing stories of Stalking Wolf and the simple way in which he conducted his life. Few were his posessions, few were his cares. He lived free and simple. Close to the earth and to the source of all life itself. Tom, my own mentor, shared these values with me as well. He was always lean and mean, with only a small bag and blanket whenever we hit the Pine Barrens. I learned to value simplicity. I yearned, and still do, for a simple life close to Mother Earth. Ingwe, too, cherishes a simple life close to the riches of Mother Earth. All he ever needed as he traveled was a bedroll and his hunting weapon as he explored the wilds of Kenya.
Jon Young, Kamana Two Nature Awareness Trail, p10.

Gilbert Walking Bull speaks of the importance of gaining comfort with the sacred silence of nature. It is vital that we take the time to be alone in nature and to practice the attitude of quietness, of listening, of solitude. The human mind in the modern world tries to nourish itself from creations of thought and philosophy that are far removed from the natural processes that influence all the Earth's inhabitants. When our senses take in nature from our time alone, from our listening, from our observing birds, plants and animals, we build within our brains positive resources that nourish from the positive and Sacred powers of creation. This is the root and core of what it means for us to find health and happiness by living for this day, for the hope of good days to come.

This elder owns little more than his clothes and his sacred items. Yet, he wants for nothing. Gilbert's lifestyle, simple and close to the Earth that he loves, continues to be a role model for all of us.
Jon Young, Kamana Two Nature Awareness Trail, p11.

Quotes from the book What It Is To Be Human, republished as "Original Wisdom", by Robert Wolff.

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I need a soul revival
I'm learning the art of survival
Gonna break these chains
The shackles you put on me
Mark Lizotte, "Soul Revival".

I can spend six weeks, or less, with an individual and teach him or her how to live WELL in the out of doors, including how to obtain subsistence to live.
John McPherson, Naked Into the Wilderness, p103.

The ancient caves and campfires of our pasts call to us from within. Primitive technology is our inheritance. It is a shared thread that links us to our prehistory and binds us all together as human beings.
Steve Watts, President of the Society of Primitive Technology.

The introduction to the book "The Search" by Tom Brown Jr can be read here. Tom Brown is the founder of what is probably the world's largest and most well known survival and wilderness skills school (North American). His own teacher was an Apache scout, Grandfather Stalking Wolf.

The Contented Man

Some comments about happiness in our culture are to be read here.

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In a very basic way, nature observation is the most important of the survival skills. A survivalist cannot build a fire without knowing where to find the nesessary materials. He cannot travel safely in a wilderness environment without being alert to the constant changes around him. And he cannot find sustenance without an appreciation for the plant and animal life that dewll in a given area. In the widest sense, nature observation is the basis of all enjoyment and well-being in the outdoors... You feel more fully the joy of living. You hear the voices modern man misses—not just the voices that speak to the five senses, but the universal voice that speaks to the heart.
Tom Brown Jr, Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking.

The world situation today is just the natural outcome of evolution, and what humanity sees as disaster is in fact its fleeting moment of chance. Contrary to what humanity believes, all is not lost, for there is every reason to hope—indeed there is now more reason to hope than ever before....... It is precisely within this grim state of affairs that lies man's hope for a bright new world.
Theun Mares, Cry of the Eagle, p16-17.

Let us decide to take heart and courage, for never before in the history of life upon Earth have the stakes been so high, and never before has the opportunity for humanity been so awesome.
Theun Mares, Cry of the Eagle, p20.

See also the second part of the Why learn survival skills? page.

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