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"NEW": Essential Survival Gear/Equipment <-- The "gear" page isn't that new anymore, though I've recently fixed up most of the broken links on it, and I'll try to add a lot of new things to it in the later half of 2020.

This resources page lists a few resources that can help you to learn about the kinds of things that you see on survival.ark.au.


If you find this site helpful like a book you might have had to buy, or a workshop or course you may have had to take, please consider helping me to continue helping everyone. Every dollar made from this website is one less dollar I have to earn in my day job, which frees up time to add more things to survival.ark.au.

If you buy anything from any of the dealers reached by clicking on the banners here, you will help to keep survival.ark.au alive and on the internet. This also applies to most of the links to purchase books and other products.

Buying Physical Books

There are about a million more time-efficient ways to make money than listing books for commission sales on the internet. The main reason I'm doing this is that I actually want as many people as possible to have real, physical copies of the kinds of books I'm listing on this website, to be used in the future hard times (e.g. when the economy really crashes).

Consider the future of society after modern civilisation as we know it has had the end of its run. Which has got to happen eventually. There's no argument about that, it's just a matter of when — not if. Since modern society cannot continue to exist without ongoing exponential economic growth (this is a well-understood and unavoidable fact, which is part of basic economics taught in high schools), and infinite growth is mathematically and literally impossible on a finite planet.

In that future situation of collapse, whenever it happens, at some point there will no longer be things like Google, or YouTube, or Wikipedia, or this or any other websites, or smart devices...

And at that time, the more of the basic knowledge that's needed for the essentials of life that's out there in the hands of the general public — and can therefore be preserved, and taught to future generations, the better everyone will do.


There were several other links on this page until a coupe of years ago, when I looked over them — and nearly all the links were out of date and didn't work anymore. I've been going over many of the broken links on the rest of the site, and will keep fixing more of them as I get time...

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Wilderness Survival, Tracking, and Awareness


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