Swamp Wallaby - Wallabia bicolor

Swamp Wallaby

Wallabia bicolor

Other Names: Black Wallaby, Black-tailed Wallaby
Family: Macropodidae (Macropods, 45 species in Australia). Macropods are kangaroos, wallabies and tree kangaroos
Size: Head-to-body: Males to 85 cm, females to 75 cm. Tail: Males to 73 cm, females to 73 cm.
Weight: Males to 20 kg, females to 15 kg
Distribution: See drawing further down the page. The eastern coasts of Australia, inland to about 1000 km in NSW and southern QLD, to about 100 km in northern QLD. Southen VIC.
Status: Common
Habitat: Wide range of forest, woodland, scrub and heath from tropical rainforest to dry brigalow, box-ironbark and some mallee associations.
References: Menkhorst and Knight

The Swamp Wallaby is the most commonly seen macropod (kangaroo-like animal) in the Blue Mountains, especially the upper mountains. Eastern Grey Kangaroos are also found here, though they prefer open grassed areas while the swamp wallaby is happy in thicker bushland.

Swamp Wallaby, Side View - Wallabia bicolor
Photo: Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney NSW. High Resolution (2530 x 1795)

Swamp Wallaby Using Camera Flash - Wallabia bicolor
Photo: Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney NSW. High Resolution (3008 x 2000)

Swamp Wallaby in the Garden at Wentworth Falls - Wallabia bicolor
Photo: Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NSW.

A Hopping Swamp Wallaby - Wallabia bicolor
Photo: Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NSW.

I made the drawing below as part of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program. It is not meant to be artistic or even particuluarly technically correct. The main purpose of drawing in the course is that it is a great aid to learning the identifying details of what you are drawing.

Swamp Wallaby Drawings - Wallabia bicolor
Photo: Kamana Naturalist Training Program. High Resolution (1894 x 2422)

Swamp Wallaby Range
Distribution of Swamp Wallaby: Photo by Nrg800 at Wikipedia.

Blurry Swamp Wallaby Through Window - Wallabia bicolorI took this photo of a Swamp Wallaby in the garden in Blaxland in 2005. I used my first digital camera, a 2 magapixel with a wide angle lens (no zoom), through a though closed window with a flyscreen.

It's not the greatest photo but I thought it was cool to have them in my own backyard.

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Swamp Wallaby - Wallabia bicolor

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