Jungle Python - Morelia spilota cheyni

Jungle Python

Morelia spilota cheyni

Other Names: Jungle Carpet Python, "Jungle".

Family: Pythonidae (Python family, about 26 species in the world)

Size: Up to 2 metres typical, smaller than most other carpet pythons.

Distribution: A small area of the top end of coastal Queensland, not the very tip of Cape York though.


References: Wilson and Swan.

About the Jungle Python

Prominent yellow blotches along its head and body. Many individuals exhibit much brighter yellow than the pictures here show. It's colouring helps camouflage it in the mottled light of the rainfirst canopies it lives in.

Danger: Nervous disposition and more likely to bite their handlers than most pythons. Like all pythons they are non-venemous though.

Jungle Python - Morelia spilota cheyni
Photo taken at Australian Reptile Park, Gosford NSW. High Resolution 3024 x 2012.

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Jungle Python - Morelia spilota cheyni

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