Frilled-necked Lizard - Chlamydosaurus kingii

Frilled-necked Lizard

Chlamydosaurus kingii

Other Names: Frillneck, Frilled Lizard, Frilled Dragon, Frilled agama.

Family: Agamidae, a family of iguanian lizards indigenous to Africa, Asia, Australia, and a few in Southern Europe. Many species are commonly called dragons or dragon lizards.

Size: Typical 27 cm not including tail. 85 cm including tail.

Distribution: The northern regions of Australia only, about the top 1/4 or 1/5th of the country, all the way to the northern coastline, as far south as the coastal regions of southern QLD.

Habitat: C. kingii is largely arboreal, spending the majority of the time in the trees.

References: Wilson and Swan, Wikipedia.

About the Frilled-necked Lizard

Its common names come from the large frill around its neck, which usually stays folded against the lizard's body.

Diet: Its diet consists mainly of insects and small vertebrates. Frilled-neck lizards, or 'frillies' as some call them, will occasionally eat plants as well, although this behaviour is uncommon.

Frilled-necked Lizard - Chlamydosaurus kingii
Photo taken at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, NSW. High Resolution 3024 x 2012.

Frilled-necked Lizard - Chlamydosaurus kingii
Photo taken at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, NSW. High Resolution 2012 x 3024.

Frilled-necked Lizard - Chlamydosaurus kingii
Photo taken at Australian Reptile Park, Gosford NSW. High Resolution 2012 x 3024.

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Frilled-necked Lizard - Chlamydosaurus kingii

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