Making Cordage

Making Cordage

My aim for making cordage is not clearly defined - just to reach some kind of proficiency in making ropes, cords, and strings using natural materials found in my area. I think that would be one of the most useful skills to have for living in a natural wilderness environment.

So far I have made up a few short lengths of (as yet) rather poor quality thin rope, using leaves of Mat-rush (Lomandra) plants. Later on, as I practise, the quality will improve.

Coming soon: I will describe the techniques I have used in making cordage and what I have learned so far. The basic technique for winding is described here on my site and here on another site (especially see figures 4a and 4b).

For now, here are a few pictures of the Mat Rush plants that I used, and my finished cordage.

Making Cordage - Lomandra

Making Cordage - Mat rush leaf

Making Cordage - Seed head of lomandra

Making Cordage - My cordage

Making Cordage from Mat Rush
Making Cordage for a Stone Axe
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Making Cordage


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