White-lipped Tree Frog - Litoria infrafrenata

White-lipped Tree Frog

Litoria infrafrenata

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Other Names: Nyctimystes infrafrenatus, New Guinea treefrog, Giant tree frog, Australian giant treefrog.

Family: Pelodryadidae, Genus Litoria (Australasian tree frogs) which has 93 species, and usually several new species identified every year.

Size: 6-13.5 cm. The White-lipped Tree Frog is the world's largest tree frog (equal winner with the Cuban Tree Frog).

Distribution: Coastal regions of north to mid-Queensland including Cape York.

Status: Secure

Habitat: It lives in rainforests, cultivated areas, and around houses in coastal areas, and is restricted to areas below 1200 m in altitude.

References: Clulow and Swan, Wikipedia.

About the White-lipped Tree Frog

The body of the White-lipped Tree Frog is large and slender. It has a white stripe along its lower lip and another white stripe along the outer edge of its foot. Its fingers are half-webbed, and its toes are fully webbed. The white-lipped tree frog has large toe pads, which aid it to climb. It can live to over 10 years in the wild.

Diet: Its diet is mainly insects and other arthropods.

White-lipped Tree Frog - Litoria infrafrenata
Photo taken at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, NSW. High Resolution 2852 x 2036.

White-lipped Tree Frog - Litoria infrafrenata
Photo taken at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, NSW. High Resolution 2054 x 1374.

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White-lipped Tree Frog - Litoria infrafrenata

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