Moonlighter - Tilodon sexfasciatus


Tilodon sexfasciatus

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Family: Kyphosidae, the sea chub family.

Size: 35-40 cm

Distribution: The southern coasts of Australia, from the southern parts of WA to the western half of Victoria. Mainly a coastal species.

Habitat: Usually lives deep in Victoria but in South Australia can be found below jetties. Juveniles are often found just below the tidal zone.

References: Kuiter.

About the Moonlighter

The Moonlighter is closely related to the Mado and the Stripey. Though it can be sometimes confused with butterflyfishes.

Habits: The Moonlighter is solitary and secretive on reefs.

Moonlighter - Tilodon sexfasciatus
Photo taken at Sydney Aquarium, Sydney, NSW, Australia. High Resolution 2178 x 1356.

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Moonlighter - Tilodon sexfasciatus

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