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My aim for this area is not clearly defined - just to learn some stuff about finding animal foods. There are three areas of focus: trapping, hunting, and what I will call for now "insects".


The other day I made my first trap, a "Figure Four" trap. It is described here.


My aims here are to construct and practise with some simple hunting weapons. First will be the throwing stick or "rabbit stick". Also I will try the spear, the atlatl (or spear thrower, or woomera), and possibly the bow and arrow. The bow and arrow will come later in the year, if at all, since it will take a bit of effort to make one. Maybe that will be for next year. For this year, the only goal I have for "bow and arrow" is to obtain at least one (factory made) bow and some arrows, and get a bit of practise with them. I used to belong to an archery club when I was about 14 years old, so this is a weapon I feel comfortable with. (I didn't use it for hunting though, only target shooting).

The best hunters are not those with a natural aptitude for hunting, but those who have had to struggle long and hard to learn every trick of the trade.
Theun Mares, Return of the Warriors, p101.


The aim here is to find some small crawly things, or winged things, that can be eaten, and get some experience with them! I have heard that many insects/grubs/etc can be eaten raw, but some suggest that THEY would prefer to cook them, to avoid any chance of parasites. I think that I may start off with the cooked variety.

As with many of the other pages, this page will be added to as I get around to it.

Figure Four Trap
Paiute Trap
Springpole Deadfall Trap
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